Mobile Wellness Spa

Nava Mobile Wellness Spa delivers an optimum level of service, with over 15 years of experience, to the comfort of your home. Our Spa Professionals will transform your home into a 5-star day spa experience, utilizing state of the art equipment, such as computerized skin evaluation. We offer a wide variety of spa services, spa packages, and custom parties, whilst maintaining the utmost quality and highest standards of sanitation. Having Mobile Wellness Spa come to you can truly be a unique spa experience. It’s a great way to enjoy relaxing and reinvigorating spa treatments in the comfort of your own home under your own sanitation standards.

Treat your spirit, mind, and body to a complete, extraordinary, revitalizing, and relaxing experience when choosing Nava’s Mobile Wellness Spa. We offer a wide variety of services including completely Organic Massages, Manis & Pedis, Skin Care, and other Spa Services while safeguarding the highest levels of hygienic care and sanitation. We use our exquisite collection of Organic Skin Care Products in every spa treatment, utilizing naturally based emulsifiers, surfactants, essential oil fragrances, and earth derived mineral colors. Our products are good for your skin and our planet.
We freshly prepare every target product applied in the treatment room. Our Wellness Expert then develops a customized Home Care Program for every client as well as consulting Master Chemists in labs and Herbologists around the world in order to offer the best custom blended product recommendations for our consumers. We are an eco-conscious facility for consumers demanding a green lifestyle.
We have specially selected organic skin, body, hair, manis & pedis, ready to wear product lines, as well as take-home regimens.

You may select any service from any of our divisions, all treatments selected will have an added fee of 25%. We travel to cities throughout South Florida. Some areas may be subject to a travel fee, please contact us to find out more.

To book a Mobile Wellness Spa experience with us, call us at (786)405-9090 or email us at to reserve your preferred date and time.

Mobile Wellness Spa asks for you to provide us with a 50% deposit to reserve your date. This deposit can be used towards your spa services the day of the spa experience or may be used if any cancellations occur on the day of the spa experience. We accept PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, or check payments.

Booking Appointments 

We encourage you to make reservations in advance, in order to make certain, that the preferred treatments are available. A deposit of 50% is required to secure your reservation.

  • When booking a spa package (for more than one guest) or a single service, please provide us with the full name of guests, name, telephone, email, and credit card info of the person responsible for the reservation. Spa packages and single services will be charged in full at the time of your reservation and placed on a gift card for you to use the day of your service. Gratuities should be done preferably cash or checks to the therapists

Sanitation, Sterilization Protocol & Special Precautions

All therapists are ensured to be healthy individuals. The dress code includes:

  • Hair
  • Mouth
  • Shoe Covers
  • Face Mask
  • Taking body temperature right before treatment.

Sanitation & Sterilization Protocol for Equipment, Linen, Disposables, and Non-Disposable Items

  • Double sanitation: All material required for treatment has been sanitized prior to your appointment and will be sanitized again at your home or facility.
  • We use the most amount of items used during the treatment.
  • Metal implements are pre-sanitized in an autoclave and wet sanitizer when arriving at your premises.
  • Linen used will be sterilized at 150ºF, Clorox, and sodium bicarbonate.

Client’s Responsibility with Our Center
Our therapists will not visit any home that has individuals infected with COVID-19. Please inform us if you have been exposed or if you have any symptoms. We will be taking the temperature.

Pre-Treatment Precautions

Please inform us of any health conditions, professional treatments, or active ingredient products being used by you. We will ask you to fill-up our questionnaire prior to treatment. Please take the time and answer all questions in the service questionnaire.

Post-Treatment Precautions

Recommendations will be provided to you, upon completion of your treatment by your therapist. We will provide you with a customized program for pre, home care, and post-treatment instructions. For any questions and concerns, you may contact us 24/7 in our after-hour telephone number: (786)260-2926.

All Services Performed Contain Some Form of Exfoliant

All services performed contain a form of exfoliation. Do not shave, sunbathe, exfoliate, wax, or receive other professional treatments, containing active ingredients, in the areas being treated, 7-10 days prior, and after receiving services. Stop all glycolic acid peels been used at home 7-10 days prior to treatment. Follow your home care recommendations for pre, home care and, post-treatment instructions.

Male Clients Receiving Facials

Male clients should shave right before their facial.

Receiving Heat Treatments

We recommend that you receive only one heat treatment per day. These treatments are herbal wraps, infrared blankets, and body computers. Pregnant women and guests, who have heart conditions, should avoid all heat treatments.

Eye Care

Wear glasses to your treatment, in the event of having contact lenses, remove contact lenses prior to treatment, and placed them in your contact lens case.

Cell Phone & Pager

Please turn off your cell phones and pagers when inside the spa. Keep cell phones away from the body.


Gratuities are part of the Therapist’s salary and at your discretion. The customary gratuity that is paid according to the industry’s standards is 15%, 18%, or 20% of the menu price. Please advise Customer Service, the amount of gratuity you are going to leave your therapist. In the event that you do not specify a percentage of gratuity to the Customer Service Attendant. An automatic 15% gratuity will be added to the bill.

Sanitation & Sterilization

Extensive sterilization and sanitation procedures are utilized before and after service, and medical waste disposal procedures are in effect. We practice green organic household cleaning products and laundry detergent in our facility.