Facial Programs

Anti Aging State Of The Arts

Our Wellness Medical Programs and our Clinical Corrective Skin Care Division, specializes in the use of State of the Art Technology, the practice of Ancient Homeopathic Herbology cures along with over 30 years of world renowned experience in the Advanced Clinical Corrective Skin Care field. This program brings together Eastern and Western philosophies for the successful management of Skin, Hair & Body conditions.

Every member of our center receives a Medical Wellness Anti-Aging Assessment and Result Interpretation by our Medical Personnel. These medical therapies and assessments help to pinpoint the cause of the condition. We provide target treatments for disorders both internally and externally for complete cures and maximum results.

Skin Permeation Comp. 50/90min$260 / $310
Comp. Hydra Facial 50/90min$260 / $310
Lift advance facial 50/90min$260 / $310
Fill Perfection 50/90min$260 / $310
Age Repair Facial & Eye 90min$260
Time Return Facial & Eye 90min$260
Skin Renewal 60/120/180min$360 / $460 / $600

Hyper Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation Marine Peel 60min (2 applications)$480
Computerized Pigment Removal 60min$360
Melanocytes Control Weekly Mngt 90min$410
Paramedical Make-Up FoundationTBD
Intensive Comp. Hydrating vail 30min$180

Acne / Rosacea

Rosacea Facial 60/90/120 min$240 / $360 / $480
Acne Control Treatment 60/90/120min$240 / $360 / $480
Asphyxia Therapy 60/90/120min$240 / $360 / $480
Post Acne Scar Mngt. 60/90/120min$240 / $360 / $480
Acne Control Back Treat. 90/120min$480 / $580