Client Satisfaction is our Main Focus:

We want to make sure, you receive, quality of service and to assure you of a good experience with us here, at Nava Wellness & Med Spa while you receive your Post Operative Therapies.

Our Business Information:

Business Main Telephone Number: 305-705-2300
Customer Service: Scheduling Text number: 786-933-4143
After hour/ Emergency (Theresa Sabatela): 786-260-2926
Biscayne Blvd Address: 15805 Biscayne Blvd #102 North Miami Address.

Nava Business Hours:

  • Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sundays by appointment only.
  • If your appointment is before 10:00 am, after 7:00 pm, or on WEEKENDS, is considered an after-hour appointment. Front building doors are closed after hours. Call us when you arrive. Call us through the After Hour Line at 786-260-2926, so that we may open the front doors for you.

Center’s lifestyle & Dress Code:

Building Dress Code, No Bleeding in the Building,

Take a shower before coming.


How to dress for you appointment

  • Loose dress and clean all support bandages or compression garments on.
  • Control all blood drainage.
  • Do not walking to our building in Pajamas, Robes, sleepers, or under garments. Business building protocol in effect. Avoid being as to exit the building.
  • Do not bring valuables

Service Attire & Draining supplies for clients with Lippo

(per day that you are with us. You may purchase here or bring your own)

  • Do bring:
    (building is very cold)
    Quilt, robe & tang top to cover breast area.
  • 2 large under pads
  • 3 small under pads
  • 2 Adult Incontinence Underwear
  • 1 pack wet wipes
  • 1 vomiting container
  • 1 supply bag
  • 4 poised pads
  • Ensure surgery drink, other drinks, and food
  • 2 shower curtains
  • Compression socks on

Supplies that our center provides:

  • Gloves
  • Body oil
  • Peroxide
  • Conduct gel
  • Dry wipe
  • Q-tips
  • Tangs Depressors
  • 4 x 4 gauze
  • Disposable bra

About your Health:

Please inform your therapist before coming to our center if you have any of the following health conditions:
Please note, that if your health situation is not reported to us and the proper steps are not taken to balance you before you coming to therapy, you will get sick in your treatment room, and we will not be able to move you until you recover. The next appointment scheduled for your room will have to be cancelled avoid a room charge by communicating with us about your heath before your appointment. Call Theresa Sabatela directly at the after-hour telephone number 786-260-2926.

  • Anemic, fainting spells or black outs?
  • You can not come for therapy if you have not previously reported the above-mentioned conditions to us.
  • Balance your intake:
  • Come a company by another person, do not drive.
  • You are not sick; you are not in a diet.
  • Nourishment and Water Intake is Imperative.
  • Make sure that you’re drinking water.
  • Ensure Surgery Drink a must.
  • You need to be eating and drinking about every four hours.
  • You need to nourish yourself.
  • Plan your pain meds, away from you post operative body therapy (take the med at least 3 hours prior to coming to us to avoid being Dizzy, vomiting, or lightheaded).
  • Request our inflammatory food info sheet.
  • Make sure, you are having a bowel movement before coming and every day. Do not use stool softener or pills by mouth. Use a laxative suppository (DUCOLAX)

Preliminary Evaluation to determent the post-surgery outcome. Everyone reacts differently.

  • Your Overall condition after your Surgery is based on your own body’s reactions, everyone reacts differently.
  • Depending on the Draining capacity, Pain Level, and Inflammation Level.
  • The production of Seromas and the creation of fibrosis (every therapist maybe different depending on the bodies’ out come after surgery).

Purchase at 305 Surgery…

Officed Use Only
ServiceTotal timeTherapy Time per areaPrice per manual TherapyEquipmentPackage DiscountTotal Package Price0Sick room utilization time
Upper arm 360: (Torso, Back, Waist, Under arms fat & abdomen)60 min10 min15/15/15 mins total 45min$100.00Not included10*$750.00

Purchasing Additional Therapies with us.

  • In the event of falling short and needing more therapies or planning doubles therapies you may purchase at a discounted price.
  • We have fajas and other supplies available to you.

Receiving double therapies:

Is available for healthy nonanemic clients only

  • When planning double draining, we will aloud recovery and nourishment time in between sessions within the same appointment.

To see more therapist available to you, request a manual

Making and appointment after hours:

  • If you have an appointment after hour, and there is a no show or same day cancellation, we will forfeit the full appointment charge. Nonrefundable if there is a no-show.
  • You will be given the therapist’s cell number and the therapist will be given your telephone number, so that you both may be in contact.
  • Before 10:00 am, after 6:00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays are considered After hours.
  • The office is closed after Business Hour, the building’s main door is also closed, call us and we will get you 786-260-2926

Refund Policy for 305 Post-Lipo Service Clients

  • Refunds: We are very busy servicing clients; our premises has a waiting list. Booked apt, the time has been set aside for you, therefore we have not taken another client in
  • For your scheduled time for your therapist, no refunds will be granted on prearranged appointments for post Lipo Therapies unless there is a 12-hour cancelation.


We request a 12-hour reschedule or cancelation of a scheduled appointment and will be charged the full fee.

  • Confirm appointments: We confirm appointments the day before, in the event of not being able to confirm the day before we will be assumed that you are not coming, and it will be considered a no show.
  • Re-Scheduling: Our facility reserves the right to run off schedule OR LATE due to health emergencies with clients. Please call our customer service desk to confirm that your therapy is running on time. Appointments must be re-schedule the night before.
  • Late arrivals: We realize that you may have emergencies, we will try to accommodate your full length of service, in some cases beyond our control, apt. time will be shortened. This applies to series and packages.
  • No Show: The full service will be charged to the card on file, or not show service will be discount of your pre-paid services.