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About Nava Wellness & Med Spa


Our Facility

What sets us apart, from Wellness Centers, Day Destination, and Medical Esthetic Spas is that we are a Wellness Center & Med Spa, with a maximum capacity of treating six clients at a time. This “Private Club” setup, allows us to offer our clientele an optimal level of service with attention to details. Our Wellness Professional will develop a customized Wellness and Home Care Protocol for every patient. Our Med Spa will freshly prepare every target product applied in the treatment room, as well as consulting Master Chemists in labs and Herbologist around the world in order to offer our best product recommendations for our consumers. We are an eco-conscious facility for consumers demanding a green lifestyle.

Our Clinical Corrective Skin Care Division

Specializes in treating conditions such as Acne, Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, and skin aggressions. We provide target Homeopathic and Herbology treatments for disorders, both internally and externally for complete cures and maximum results.

Our Day Spa Division

Welcome to ‘Your Spa’… Treat your spirit, mind, and body to a complete and extraordinary revitalizing and de-stressing experience at Nava Med Wellness and Day Spa. We offer the latest in completely organic massages, Mani-Pedi, skincare, and other spa services while safeguarding the highest levels of hygienic care. We use our exquisite collection of organic skincare products in every spa treatment. Utilizing naturally based emulsifiers, surfactants, essential oil fragrances, and earth derived mineral colors our products are good for your skin and our Planet.

Our Med Wellness Philosophy

Our Med Client specializes in the practice of Nutritional, Alternative, and Functional Medicine. Every member receives, a State of The Arts Wellness Anti-Aging Assessment and result interpretation, by our Med Wellness personnel. These Therapies & Assessments, help to pinpoint the causes and focuses on the origin of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms.

Our Wellness Programs

Wellness, Alternative Dermatology/Skin, Clinical Corrective Medical Wellness, Hair Clinic, Mental Health, Nutrition & Weight Management.

Our Hair Clinic

The success of our program is our +35 years of experience in the treatment of scalp and hair health. Our in-depth, assessment and evaluation, pinpoint out the underlying causes of your hair loss or aging. So that we may customize your treatments and create an effective program for you. Our Program… Utilizes State of the Arts Hair and Scalp Equipment, in conjunction with your very own compounded homeopathic unguents and elixirs that will target the different conditions which have caused your hair loss.


At the present time, all of our educational programs are being revised for online training. Coming soon.