Welcome to Nava Wellness & Med Spa Skin, Body & Hair Care Center

What sets us apart from Day, Destination, Medi Spas, and other Wellness Centers, is that we are a Boutique Med Wellness Center & Day Spa, with a maximum capacity of treating only 7 clients at a time. This “Private Club” setup, allows us to offer our clientele an optimal level of service with attention to details, such as Assessments, evaluations & result interpretation prior to treatment.

We freshly prepare every target product applied in the treatment room. Our Wellness Expert then develops a customized Home Care Program for every client as well as consulting Master Chemists in labs and Herbologists around the world in order to offer the best product recommendations for our consumers. We are an eco-conscious facility for consumers demanding a green lifestyle.

Our Medical Programs and our Clinical Corrective Skin Care Division, specializes in the use of State of the Art Technology, the practice of Ancient Homeopathic Herbology cures along with over 30 years of world renowned experience in the Advanced Clinical Corrective Skin Care field. This program brings together Eastern and Western philosophies for the successful management of Skin, Hair & Body conditions.

Every member of our center receives a Medical Wellness Anti-Aging Assessment and Result Interpretation by our Medical Personnel. These medical therapies and assessments help to pinpoint the cause of the condition. We provide target treatments for disorders both internally and externally for complete cures and maximum results.