Nava Wellness & Med Spa’s Mental Health Division is proud to offer multiple services that are holistic and individualized for each person, all in one place.

Our qualified specialists are highly experienced and will work with you to develop a custom-made treatment plan for your specific needs and concerns.

We strive to maintain the highest levels of reliability and professionalism at all times by being consistent in our actions, expectations, principles, and values. Our ultimate goal is the success of your treatment and recovery.

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At Nava, we provide the highest quality standard in mental health and wellness services for families, young adults, and children. We achieve this by providing an evidence-based, comprehensive, and thoughtful plan that fits your needs. Our aim is to provide families with the tools and support necessary to manage mental health challenges and diagnoses. We are proud to be able to offer multiple services that are holistic and individualized for each person all in one center.

Our approach at Nava is to assess the whole person and utilize a multidisciplinary approach to develop a creative, flexible, and comprehensive evidence-based treatment plan. Then we seek to coordinate and tailor these services for you, your child, or your family.

We understand that every situation is unique, so we take a multi-faceted approach where we assess both the mind and the brain. We evaluate the genetics, the medical, and the psychological, we assess the individual’s life and relationship, the family culture, style, expectations, and daily routines. We use all of this information to offer thoughtful and practical recommendations.

Our purpose is to maintain the highest levels of reliability and professionalism by being constant in our actions, expectations, and values. You can count on us to be trustworthy and ethical.

Combinations of these techniques will be formulated to increase the wellness of what is occurring within the body/mind physically and wellness in our Stress Management Program. Clients will learn to practice and apply these skills in everyday situations that may arise frequently in the workplace, family interactions, and environmental conditions.

Nutrition Related to Stress – Many studies have demonstrated the importance of nutrition and diet in the prevention of diseases ranging from coronary heart disease to cancer of the colon. Work induced problems and life changes are factors that predispose human beings to significant physiological distress as each person’s body responds differently. Our organism acts by increasing brain activity, hormonal secretion, and depleting energy stores. Therefore, a balanced nutritional intake is important in handling these stressed induced adverse reactions. A health assessment guide for clients will be provided to maximize benefits from the program.

Body Mechanics – Clients will practice the best way to warm up, stretch, and exercise to their own personal preferences and abilities. Other therapeutic modalities to improve the body’s natural resistance will incorporate the following techniques:

  • Aroma Therapy

  • Beauty Treatment

  • Vitamin Therapy

  • Therapeutic Massages

  • Facials, Hand and Foot Therapeutic Massages

Mind Fitness – A variety of the most effective coping skills and techniques for managing stress will be taught at specially designated locations. These will include the following:

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Tai-Chi

  • Guided Visualization

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