Welcome to Medi Face Division

Who we are in the Medi Spa Industry, Nava Wellness & Med Spa’s Medi Face Division, a multi-award-winning center with 35 + years of attending our Clientele of, Key Biscayne/Brickell, Aventura and now are new locations located in Boca, Sunny Isles, New York City, and California.

Whether your challenges are premature aging or skin conditions such as wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, sensitive veins, lack of elasticity (skin), acne, brown spots, redness scars, dry or oily skin, asphyxia (large pure).
Our Skin & Wellness Management Expert has exceptional experience in solving the most challenging skin conditions around, that have not been addressed elsewhere.

Nava Wellness & Med Spa, uses the latest electromedicine, non-invasive therapies, including “ The Best of the Best” worldwide top-rated equipment such as. State of the arts computerized assessments and evaluations. Lab profiles, in conjunction with active medical level homeopathic compounds topically and internal health elixirs and compounds of your therapy. We will create your personal skin wellness programs headed by Theresa Sabatela Integrative Wellness Coach, Paramedical Esthetician to assist your concerns of Anti-Aging and Skin’s health.

Our Experience… As stated in Vogue Magazine… Theresa Sabatela brings to Nava over 35 years of eastern and western philosophy in the following: alternative, herbology, homeopathic healing cures, and Alternative Aesthetics medicine, from her travels and work around the world. Theresa has added her own proprietary Homeopathic Medical grade, professional treatment compounds and expertise combining currents in electromedicine to produce cures in skin and body without contraindications and downtime in conjunction with her one of a kind, Home Care Complexion Correction solutions.

Clinical Corrective Facial Programs

Medi Anti – Aging

Novapelle Med Resurfacing Facial (Skin Renewal, Lightening, Tightening) 60min/90min/120min/180min$269 / $412 / $538 / $807
Hydra Facials/Ultra Sound 60/90min$260 / $460
Radio Frequency Ultimate Full Face (Dermis Collagen /Tissue Reconstruction & Skin Tightening) 60 min$825
Skin Permeation Facial Treatment 60/90 min$175 / $250
Fractional (Candela) Facial Treatment $700/each3 / $2,100.00
Photo Rejuvenation Facial TreatmentFROM / $350
Dermapem Facial Treatment$240 / $350
Micro-Needling Facial TreatmentFROM/$350
FibroBlast Therapy Facial TreatmentFROM/$400




Anti Aging State Of The Arts

Skin Permeation Comp. 50/90/120min$260 / $368 / $599
Comp. Hydra Facial 50/90/120min$260 / $368 / $599
Lift advance facial 50/90/120min$260 / $368 / $599
Fill Perfection 50/90/120min$260 / $368 / $599
Age Repair Facial & Eye 50/90/120min$260 / $368 / $599
Time Return Facial & Eye 50/90/120min$260 / $368 / $599
Skin Renewal 60/90/120/180min$269 / $412 / $538 / $807
Meso FaceFROM/ $460




Acne / Rosacea

Rosacea Facial 60/90/120 min$240 / $360 / $480
Acne Control Treatment 60/90/120min$240 / $360 / $480
Asphyxia Therapy 60/90/120min$240 / $360 / $480
Post Acne Scar Mngt. 60/90/120min$240 / $360 / $480
Acne Control Back Treat. 90/120min$480 / $580

Hyper Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation Marine Facial Peel 60min (2 applications)$480
Computerized Pigment Mngt Facial Therapy 60min$360
Melanocytes Control Weekly Mngt Facial Treatment 90min$410
Paramedical Makeup FoundationTBD
Intensive Comp. Hydrating vail 30min$180

Clinical Peels

UI Facial Peel$350
UI Facial Peel +$600
Lactic Facial Peel 60 min$300
Salicylic Facial Peel 60min$130
Beta Facial Peel 60min$300

Electro Peels

Ultrasonic Facial Peel 60min$150
Microdermabrasion Facial 30/90min$150 / $225

Back Facials

Healthy Skin Back Therapy 90 Min$210
With Computerized Pore Cleansing add 30 Min$70