Executive Wellness Programs

Corporate Executive Wellness Programs

Rejuvenate your workforce and reinvigorate your company by taking care of your employees.  And this means they will take care of you. Nava Med Wellness & Spa brings the day spa experience to your corporation.  Show Employee appreciation and recognition by bringing wellness to your corporation. Make a good business decision and ensure overall vitality by investing in your employee’s physical and mental state of mind.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Industries, companies engaging in employee‘s health enjoy better profits and overall, a better workplace environment. The cooperate day spa services offered by Nava Med Wellness & Spa are designed to help individuals increase balance in a world that is not in balance. Companies that have offered 15-minute massages for employees have noticed a decrease in complaints.  They have also seen a lower burn-out rate. A study done by the University of Miami indicates that after massage research subjects noticed an increase in alertness and performance. Massage and spa services have also shown to lower the anxiety of high-stress jobs.

The American Institute for Stress estimates that 1 million workers are absent of their work because of stress. Stress caused the USA industry more than 3 billion dollars last year. Nava Med Wellness & Spa delivers stress-reducing, work enhancing massages, and spa services to the workplace. Add Nava Med Wellness & Spa to your list of employee benefits. Reward employees for a job well done with Nava Med Wellness & Spa.   We will design a wellness program that is ideal for your workplace.

The Nava Wellness & Med Spa Corporate Programs are based on the latest cutting edge innovations in human biochemistry, functional and intracellular research, along with the practice of wellness through lifestyle. The Nutritional Component focuses on selecting the right foods for cures, energy, avoiding foods that offset illnesses, and certain medical conditions. Brain focus factor for memory, critical thinking skills, and clear thinking infiltration.

  • Stress Management

  • Food Intake Management (Healthy Eating) (Food that Cures) (Food Behavior Modifications)

  • Physical Activity and Its roll in Your Wellness (Walk-In Program) (Exercise) (Personal Coach)

  • Educational Programs

  • Spa and Wellness will Travel

  • Medical Wellness Service

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Stress Management

  • Tobacco​

Business Wellness Program

Improving Job Time Utilization and Decision Making.

Health and Wellness Seminars/Discussions-with guess speakers

Awareness raising, workshops, training sessions on health topics

  • Stress Management Workshop

  • Introduction to Healthy lifestyle

  • Health is a choice

  • The Power of Lifestyle management (Statistics linking lifestyle and top 4 killing diseases)

  • Time Management and Organization skills

  • Performance Improvement Tools

  • Effective Communication Enhancement Skills

  • Promoting Team Innovation

  • Dress for Success and Shop smart

  • DON’T spend money on facial creams

  • Do it yourself anti-aging facial

  • Body treatments at Home

  • Corporate Executive Spa Sampler

  • Executive…Let’s get acquainted Offer

  • On-call wellness expert available by telephone or email

  • Wellness Library

  • On line health and Wellness Newsletter

  • Program Participant Wellness Membership (All employees that have attended any of our W.C Workshops are automatically eligible for purchases at a corporate discount rate their first Medical Wellness Screening).

Available to Employer at a special corporate discount, mobile, or at our State of the art 5 Star facility.


New Fiscal Year

Corporate Spa Gift

Holiday Party

Going Away Party

Employee of the Month

Merger Parties

Record Parties

Employee Team Building

Celebrate a new client, welcome your new CEO, or celebrate the new fiscal year. Congratulate your team on an outstanding performance with a Nava Wellness & Med Spa cooperate spa gift. Have a custom-designed spa party for your business.

Electronic gift cards are available for employee rewards, an employee of the month, employee recognition, or record sales.

Schedule a Wellness seminar for your team.