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We are an award-winning center with 20 plus years attending local, national, and intemational clients. Whether you need to restore, perfect, and sculpt your body, via nonsurgical body sculpting or you need to sculpt your post-surgery outcome, an advanced service custom protocol, along with the latest state of the arts, electromedicine, noninvasive therapies, including THE BEST OF THE BEST worldwide top-rated equipment and MITESA post Lippo/ Sculpting proprietary Techniques will be selected for your needs. We target many body conditions in one therapy.

Tone, Sculpt, Detoxify

At Nava Wellness & Med Spa, we do more than just heal. We offer a natural, holistic, non-invasive treatment plan that is personalized for your goals. We are your trusted advisors to help you feel and look your best from the inside-out.
The reason for our success, we combine manual therapies, with the state-of-the-art technology and techniques, along with homeopathic cures, from all over the world, to target your special conditions for maximum results. Our trusted team tailors each session to your unique needs and goals so that your body is the best version it can be.

Perfecting your surgery outcome program

At NW&MS, we offer a customized plan for you after your liposuction surgery. While this surgery is highly effective, results are going to vary. After surgery, you might be quite surprised that you do not immediately have the body of your dreams.

You may develop small bulges of fat that give your skin an uneven or lumpy appearance. Or you may have symmetry differences or loose skin.

Electro Medicine after liposuction is a highly effective procedure to help fine tune your look after surgery. Electro Medicine is designed to help reduce the fat bulges and pockets that remain after lipo to smooth and sculpt your body. This non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure can help you create a more toned appearance to finally achieve your esthetic goals.
Most physicians recommend a series of electro medicine in conjunction with Lymphatic Drainage to help you achieve optimal results.

As started in Vogue Magazine, Theresa Sabatela, CEO

As started in Vogue Magazine, Theresa Sabatela, CEO brings to NW&MS, over 25 years, of eastern and western philosophy in aesthetic medicine, electro medicine from her travels and work around the world. Theresa has created her own proprietary aesthetic face and body modalities and techniques, combining currents and electromedicine alone with medical grade treatment compound to produce total cures in skin and body therapies without contraindication and downtime.

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