Weight Loss Program

Weight loss with state-of-the-art Department

  • Weight loss

  • Individualized diet program by control weight specialist

  • Food Addiction / Eating Disorders

  • Nutrition

  • Continuous doctor supervision

  • Meal Plans

  • Physical Therapy

  • Group or Individual Therapy

  • Manipulative Therapy for fat & cellulite reduction

  • Thyroid and Yeast Conditions

  • Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

  • Body Sculpting


Weight Management System

Obesity is probably the most common health problem in the United States affecting one third of the American population leading to the increased risk of early death. Being overweight is often associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, colon and rectal cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women. Half of the United States population suffers from the “Carbohydrate Syndromes” and lack of physical inactivity leading to being overweight and obese.

Often times excessive dieting and weight loss regimens can actually lead to increased weight gain. However by combining both mind and body approached towards reducing the craving of carbohydrates researches have found improved results in losing weight. The following combination of techniques will be used in our Weight Management System.

Body Fat Analysis

Describes the composition and measurements of fat in your body.

Lab Analysis

Rules out any other pathologies or abnormalities in your body’s chemical composition.

Fat and Cellulite Therapies

Helps eliminate those troublesome areas in your waist and buttocks.

Diet and Nutritional Assessments

Important in treating the body’s addiction to “carbohydrate syndrome”.

Exercise Movement Mediation

Helps maintain the body in balance while burning fat store; this technique can be learned easily and practiced anywhere

Weight Loss Series

  • Medical Health Screening Initial Visit

  • Wellness Evaluation results and interpretation

  • Chemical Blood Profile

  • Diet Nutritional Assessments

  • Life Style Modification

  • Body Fat Analysis

  • Medication

  • Body Morphology Evaluation

  • Muscle Oxygenation Therapy

  • Fat & Cellulite Dissolving Therapy Inch Entomology

Bodies Therapies

Body Cleansing

  • Body Deep Cleansing

  • With Intense Exfoliate

Body Detoxification

Body Fat Dissolving

  • Computerized Infrared Inch and Inflammation Reducing Therapy

  • Slim Plaster Therapy