The Science Of Healthy Hair & Scalp

Six step program which includes:

• Medical Consultation and Intracellular Testing, Assessments & Interpretation

• An in Depth Computerized 3 step assessment, evaluation and interpretation

•In Clinic Med Wellness Scalp & Hair Therapies

• Take Home Hair and Scalp Recommendation

• Homeopathic H & Scalp Anemic Restoration intake (internal correction)

• Hair Pigment Correction Management (Hair Anti-Aging Color

Continuous follow- up sessions for healthy scalp and great looking hair.

Medical Assessments & Evaluations

Medical Hair Loss Testing biopsy$150.00
Stress assessment and interpretation$ 90.00
Toxin Level Screening & Interpretation$90.00
Total Health Functional & Rejuvenation Screening & Interpretation$250.00
Essential Chemical Testing$90.00
Computerized H & S scoping Evaluation & Screening (progress comparison images)$90.00

Target Hair and Scalp therapies
(price to be determined by level of severity)

SERVICES(Price to be determined by level of severity)
Scalp Micro CurrentTBD
Anemic Scalp TherapyTBD
Scalp Ultra SoundTBD
Hair Growth and Thickening Computer One Word RisedTBD
Scalp IV Nutrition InfusionTBD
Complete A.A & Hair loss TherapyTBD
Follicle Unit 5 Dollars per unit (2.000 crafts)$310

Nova Cranio Capelli

Scalp Exfoliation 30min$60
Strand Exfoliation (short)$45
Strand Exfoliation (long)$60

Hair & Scalp Detox

Hair & Scalp Detox (short) 30min$49
Hair & Scalp Detox (long) 60min$75

Hair & Scalp Oxigenating Therapy

Scalp Oxygenated Therapy 60min$60
Shiatsu Oxygenating Therapy 60min$75

Hair & Scalp Cataplasma

Homeopathic Custom Blend (short)$60
Homeopathic Custom Blend (long)$75
Total Health Scalp Renewal$285

State Of The Arts

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