Pre and Post-Treatment Precautions and Recommendations for Your Well-being


Please inform our center of any health conditions, professional treatments or active ingredient products being used by other centers or yourself in the areas, where you will be receiving treatment by Nava Med Wellness & Spa. So, we will ask you to fill-up our questionnaire. Please take the time and answer all questions in the service questionnaire.


Recommendations will be provided to you, upon completion of your treatment by your Therapist. We will provide you with a customized program for pre, home care and post-treatment instructions. For any questions and concern, you may contact us 24/7 in our after hour telephone number: 786.260.2926

All Services Performed in our Center Contain some form of Exfoliant

All services performed in our center contain a form of exfoliation. Do not shave, sunbathe, exfoliate, wax or receive other professional treatments, containing active ingredients, in the areas being treated, 7-10 days prior and after receiving services in our facility. Stop all glycolic acid peels been used at home 7-10 days prior to treatment. Follow your home care recommendations for pre home care and post-treatment instructions.

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