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From the Desk of... Theresa Sabatela Wellness & Life Coach Tmsabaatela (305) 854- 6165  (786) 260- 2926 Water How long can the Human Body Survive without Food? Humans can survive without food for 30-40 days (About 5 weeks). What about without water? Without water life will end in 3 to 5 days. The average person’s body is composed of: Seventy Percent water. Body’s water content: Varies considerably from person to person and even from one
Vitamin C Can Cure Your Condition and keep you young!!! You can be taking Vitamin C forever and not see a difference. You need to Test your Body in order to know your personal dosage, so that you consume it on daily basis, in order to see results. Once you find the number of your personal dosage, divided into 2 and take it 2 times per day (preferably breakfast and lunch). Vitamin C is used